FAS Cooperators & State Regional Trade Groups

Two groups of U.S. trade organizations have active involvement in the Hong Kong market. The ATO works closely with these groups, primarily on U.S. food promotion activities.

The first group is the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Market Development Cooperators, who represent various U.S. food industries. Many cooperators have representative offices in Hong Kong (see list below), conduct market promotions and other activities to boost the market presence of commodities they represent.

The second group is the State Regional Trading Groups (SRTGs), which are non-profit trade associations representing our state departments of agriculture. Unlike Cooperators who each represent a specific food industry, geographical areas divide SRTGs. There are four SRTGs, representing the food and agricultural interests of western, eastern, central and southern U.S. regions respectively. While there are geographical overlaps between the Cooperators and SRTGs in their representations, Cooperators tend to be commodity-oriented, while SRTGs specialize in value-added and processed food products originating in their respective regions.

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