How to Apply for Assistance

If you are interested in conducting a U.S. retail / restaurant promotion, please provide the following information to the ATO:

Name of retailer/restaurant *:

Contact Person *:

Telephone *:


E-Mail *:

A list of the stores/restaurants where the U.S. promotion will take place with addresses:

Start Date of Promotion:

End Date of Promotion:

Theme of the event:

(For examples: promoting U.S. foods in general; promoting regional foods/cuisine's such as foods from Louisiana; promoting a certain product category such as fresh foods, beverages, organic, etc.)

Are you planning special events?

(Please specify: entertainment, in-store demonstrations, decorations, opening ceremony, product sampling, etc.)

A full description of PR/advertising planned:

(Media promotion, flyers, coupons, etc.)

Complete cost estimates:

(A spreadsheet that outlines various costs, such as advertising, point of purchase materials, salary of product demonstrators, food samples for tasting. etc.)

A complete list of U.S. products to be featured in the promotion:

(Clearly state if each product is newly stocked or an existing product)

What assistance/contribution you are looking for:
Point of Sale Materials
Other :

Please send the above information to ATO Hong Kong by Email ( . If you have any questions, please contact our office at (852) 2841-2350.