How We Handle Your Request for Assistance

There are two potential sources of financial support for a promotional event: support from ATO Hong Kong; from U.S. cooperators and State Regional Trade Groups.

After receiving your request, the ATO will review your proposal, and at the same time notify Cooperators and SRTGs to solicit their interest in extending financial support to your promotion event.

One thing to note is that these organizations usually specialize in certain foods and beverages, e.g. meats, vegetables, consumer ready foods. Therefore the To-Be-Promoted product list in your proposal is critical for them to determine if they wish to extend financial support to a particular event. In general, U.S. food organizations respond very favorably to promotional proposals that can offer some or all of the following benefits:

The promotion introduces a new product to the Hong Kong market, thereby presenting the opportunity to create a new export market in Hong Kong that did not previously exist.

The promotion features a new presentation or formulation of a product already in the market, which promises to expand sales of that product beyond the current level.

The promotional event will be experienced by a large percentage of the Hong Kong consumers considered to be the most promising target for these foods and beverages.

The application for promotional assistance is made far enough in advance of the promotional event that U.S. suppliers have the maximum opportunity to support it, through such contributions as recipe suggestions; providing POS materials that are especially well-suited for the event; considering the possibility to invite your organization's buyer(s) to the United States to become more familiar with the products available for the promotion; and suggesting other related products that could also be featured as part of the same promotional theme; etc.


With responses back from U.S. trade organizations, ATO will notify the retailer/restaurant of the combined total financial support available for the proposed event. Once the terms of the promotion are agreed to by both sides, ATO and each sponsoring U.S. trade organization will sign a separate contract with the retailer/restaurant directly.

After the event, the retailer/restaurant will be required to submit the following materials and services (usually within 60 days) in order to process payment:

  • Copies of all advertising and promotional materials associated with the event
  • Photographs of the event, showing various featured products, promotion booths etc.
  • A final cost breakdown of the expenditures for the event
  • Sales achieved for products featured in the promotion, and pre- and post- promotion sales comparison
  • A completed standard questionnaire evaluating the effectiveness and results of the event
  • Any other pertinent materials